17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

January 2017
The flag will fly for Charlie Laine, US Navy, WWII.

February 2017
The flag will fly for Gilbert M. Meehan, US Army, WWII.

March 2017
The flag will fly for Arthur Ruddick, US Navy, WWII.

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February's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, February 23rd at 7PM at the VFW Hall. Come down and get caught up on what is going on in your neighborhood!

SAVING JAMAICA BAY --- The award winning documentary will be airing on PBS on February 26th at 9PM. The film documents local efforts to save the Bay highlighting Broad Channel residents who spearheaded the efforts against the City of New York Nitrogen pollution of the Bay as well as the Port Authority's ill-conceived plan to expand runways into Jamaica Bay. There is also some amazing footage of the natural beauty of Jamaica Bay. In addition, the documentary displays some amazing images of a Post Sandy Broad Channel, much of it filmed by Brianna Reardon from Broad Channel. It is startling to see again those dark days immediately after that event, but very encouraging as well to see how far we have come.

Build it Back --The trailer for Build it Back has been installed on Power Road, opposite PS 47 and will be the point of contact for residents who want to find out details on their project such as start date, projected completion date and major milestones. In addition, any time that a resident sees a delay in their project, no work for over two days, they can stop in and inquire as to what is going on and how it will be resolved. Jason will be the point of contact at the trailer for residents and if he steps out he will leave his card and his number, so feel free to call him and inform him that you are looking to discuss your issues. The trailer is also going to be a critical component of the construction process where an onsite architect and BIB reps will be stationed so as to immediately address issues that arise on the ground during construction that necessitate changes to the building plan, such as need to address rotted out sill plate, which require modifications to plans and which have resulted in massive delays in the past. The hope is that it will be immediately addressed at the trailer and work will not be halted.

Street Raising Project -- It was reported at the last Civic meeting and confirmed to the Civic last week by DDC that the goal at this time is to finish the work on 11th Road by March 15th (full street construction completed), at which time Build-It-Back projects will immediately commence. On West 12th Road the full road is expected to be completed by April 1st and at that time Build-It-Back work will....

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