17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

January 2019
The flag will fly for John (Stanley) Cotton, US Navy, WWII.

February 2019
The flag will fly for Thomas J. Coyle, US Army, WWII.

March 2019
The flag will fly for George W. Nicollet, US Army, WWII.

April 2019
The flag will fly for William T. O'Keefe, US Navy, WWII.

May 2019
The flag will fly for Edward R. Connolly, US Army, Vietnam.

June 2019
The flag will fly for Michael Stickley, US Army, Vietnam.

Quick Links:

- Broad Channel Historical Society

- Jamaica Bay Ecowatchers


The Broad Channel Historical Society was founded in 1994. Our mission is to document and preserve the history of Broad Channel, often referred to as the “Venice” of New York. The committee was initiated by then President of the Civic Association Danny Mundy, who came up with the idea from reading the “Glimpse of the Past” column in the town newsletter, “Channel News.” With seed money from then New York State Senator Ada Smith, we purchased loose-leaf notebooks and plastic sleeves to begin documenting the colorful history of “The Channel.” .... to find out more about the Broad Channel Historical Society, please visit them at