17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

January 2019
The flag will fly for John (Stanley) Cotton, US Navy, WWII.

February 2019
The flag will fly for Thomas J. Coyle, US Army, WWII.

March 2019
The flag will fly for George W. Nicollet, US Army, WWII.

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February's President's Message

The February Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, February 28th at 7PM at the VFW Hall.

The Civic Association is in the process of creating a town email notification list for matters of interest, such as the monthly newsletter, or of concern (i.e.: crime events). We have put out a notice to date on the Broad Channel Civic Facebook site and have had great response. If anyone is interested in being added to the list, submit an email to or send your email to the Facebook site (Broad Channel Civic) and we will add you to the list.

I want to thank Councilman Eric Ulrich for his very generous offer to allocate 1.5 million dollars to the American Ball Field Park in Broad Channel. We will be using the funds to remove the blacktop area of that park that is currently not used. This was created back when there was a move by the CYO to hold Girls Softball games on blacktop but that did not pan out (due to injuries) and for years it has been a large unused area. We hope to get additional funding and not only remove the blacktop but create a brand-new baseball field there which will help out with the great demand that is currently seen for baseball field space among the various local teams.

There will be a special election held on Tuesday, February 26th and the Civic would ask that residents please get out and vote. Our ability to get things done is directly related to the voting population of this town. While we may be small in numbers compared to some of our neighboring communities, we have always turned out to vote in greater numbers and this is extremely helpful to the Civics efforts to get this town its fair share of resources. Often I am asked by residents how they can help our efforts and this is one big way. On Tuesday, February 26th, please get out and vote.

The Civic was notified that on Sunday, February 3rd.....

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