17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

January 2017
The flag will fly for Charlie Laine, US Navy, WWII.

February 2017
The flag will fly for Gilbert M. Meehan, US Army, WWII.

March 2017
The flag will fly for Arthur Ruddick, US Navy, WWII.

April 2017
The flag will fly for Robert Glade, US Army, Korea.

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March's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23rd at 7PM at the VFW Hall. Come down and get caught up on what is going on in your neighborhood!

The Civic meeting will see a presentation by NYC DDC, DOT and the RBA design group regarding Phase 2 of the Street Raising Proposal. Phase 2 proposes to address tidal flooding, lack of drainage and resurfacing of blocks 14th through 19th Roads on the West side using the model created for blocks 11th through 13th. That model employed a design called "Shared Streets", which creates one multi-use street surface that does not have traditional sidewalks but rather a single surface roadway/walkway which allows pedestrians, cars, and bicyclists to share the roadway. This design was developed in the Netherlands where it was discovered that on small side roadways, such as exist in Broad Channel, this concept was proven to be safer for all roadway users. Cars entering the blocks are made aware, through a speed bump as well as signage that this is a multi-use roadway. This is reinforced through visual design features, concrete patterns, and the end result is a wide safer road. The Shared Streets design also addresses a major issue that this Civic Association has been trying to resolve for over a decade and that is the no parking regulations that exist for all of these streets on one side of the road. The issue came to light a number of times over the last 10 years when DOT would install these signs on the blocks to the dismay of the residents. Attempts to get this regulation legally changed proved impossible due to minimum width requirements that are required for emergency vehicles. The Shared Streets design raises the street grade to eliminate tidal flooding, installs a new much needed drainage system, creates a new and neat street surface (much needed on these blocks that have not been paved in years), puts new and straight telephone poles on the block, creates new end of block bulkheads, and finally it resolves the no ....

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