17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

September 2017
The flag will fly for
Frank Hurst,
US Navy, WWII.

October 2017
The flag will fly for
Warren J. Furrer,
US Army, Korea.

November 2017
The flag will fly for
John Trudden,
US Air Force, Korea.

December 2017
The flag will fly for
Thomas J. O'Brien,
US Navy, WWII.

January 2018
The flag will fly for
Patrick Brosnahan,
US Navy, WWII.

Feburary 2018
The flag will fly for Charles & Henry Hoffman, US Navy, WWII.

March 2018
The flag will fly for George Chamberlain, US Navy, Korea.

April 2018
The flag will fly for William "Bill" Morris, US Navy Medic, WWII.

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Welcome to the Broad Channel Civic Association website!

March's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday March 22nd at 7PM at the VFW Hall. This is the second meeting to be held in March as the February meeting had been pushed back to March 1st and the meeting on the 22nd is the normal date for our meetings. In case someone was asking, the normal date for the Civic meeting is the 4th Thursday of the Month.

Yard Expansion Program - Is the program created by the Build-It-Back program in consultation with the Civic Association to address the homes in the program where the owners took the buy-out option (called an Acquisition) leaving the property in the possession of the Build-It-Back program. Our program called the “Yard Expansion Program” YEP allows the adjacent neighbor to purchase the program for $500. If both neighbors are interested, they then submit bids with highest bid winning the right to purchase. The first phase of these offerings have now been completed and at the March 22nd Civic meeting Build-It-Back reps will discuss the next round of properties being offered. Specific addresses affected, process to place bid and available legal assistance will all be discussed.

Modular Homes - The first modular in Broad Channel was installed last weekend and it went off without any issues. Broad Channel will see an additional 17 of these homes installed over the next two months. Cooperation in moving cars and observing traffic patterns is greatly appreciated. The process in the long run is much less of a local disturbance then a new building being put up as once the home is set, in one day, the house work involves around 3-4 weeks of additional work and then is completed. A much shorter timeframe then a traditional rebuild.

Street Raising Project - As reported at the last Civic meeting, the restoration work to residents homes on West 11th and West 12th Roads was supposed to start on March 1st and major road work was to resume on West 13th on May 1st. This is what the Civic was told after over 8 meetings with DDC and DOT at the Borough President’s office. The first week of March came......

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