17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

September 2017
The flag will fly for
Frank Hurst,
US Navy, WWII.

October 2017
The flag will fly for
Warren J. Furrer,
US Army, Korea.

November 2017
The flag will fly for
John Trudden,
US Air Force, Korea.

December 2017
The flag will fly for
Thomas J. O'Brien,
US Navy, WWII.

January 2018
The flag will fly for
Patrick Brosnahan,
US Navy, WWII.

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Welcome to the Broad Channel Civic Association website!

December's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, December 7th at 7PM at the VFW Hall. Come down and get caught up on what is going on in your neighborhood!!

Broad Channel Christmas Lights will be back up lighting up our town for the Holidays thanks once again to Stephanie Wagner’s fund raising efforts. Great job and big thank you to all who supported the fundraisers and raffle for this effort the lights really bring some great holiday cheer during the winter darkness.

Buy Out Properties in Broad Channel, also known as the Build it Back Acquisition program, was discussed at the last meeting. Adjacent property owners will have an opportunity to purchase these lots for as little as $500. There will be a special meeting December 11th at 6:30PM at the VFW for those who are interested in participating, and who are adjacent to these parcels. Build it Back reps will be on hand along to help applicants who have questions and to provide free legal advice from NYLAG attorneys. If you live next to one of these parcels you should have received a mailed notice of your eligibility to purchase and it is highly recommended that you attend this meeting.

Street Raising Project Phase 2 is the current plan to raise the West side streets from 14th to 19th similar to phase 1 (West 11th thru 12th). Numerous Civic meetings have been dedicated to presentations on what this would entail and in addition over the summer special “block meetings” were held to bring down every homeowner to sit down with the design team one-on-one to understand impact to the homeowner properties. December 15th the consent letter will be sent out to all homeowners on the effected blocks. Homeowners in favor of proceeding with this project should sign the letters and return them. The Civic expects to receive, at that time, an electronic copy of the plans as well for anyone who would like to review them. It is the opinion of the Civic that the street raising project is an exceptional opportunity to finally address tidal flooding ....

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