17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

September 2017
The flag will fly for
Frank Hurst,
US Navy, WWII.

October 2017
The flag will fly for
Warren J. Furrer,
US Army, Korea.

November 2017
The flag will fly for
John Trudden,
US Air Force, Korea.

December 2017
The flag will fly for
Thomas J. O'Brien,
US Navy, WWII.

January 2018
The flag will fly for
Patrick Brosnahan,
US Navy, WWII.

Feburary 2018
The flag will fly for Charles & Henry Hoffman, US Navy, WWII.

March 2018
The flag will fly for George Chamberlain, US Navy, Korea.

April 2018
The flag will fly for William "Bill" Morris, US Navy Medic, WWII.

May 2018
The flag will fly for Harry Sergerdell, US Coast Guard, WWII.

June 2018
The flag will fly for Edward J. Villani, US Army, WWII.

The flag will fly for Lawrence Sweet, US Navy, WWII.

August 2018
The flag will fly for Thomas H. Horn, US Navy, WWII.

September 2018
The flag will fly for Vinnie O'Hare, US Army, WWII.

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June's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, June 28th at 7PM at the VFW Hall. Come down and find out what is going on in our town. This will be the last meeting before the summer recess and we will resume meetings once again in September. The Civic Association would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Summer. Enjoy it because it will go fast!

Street Raising Phase 1 update - The resumption of work on West 13th Road was set to begin on June 1st, after numerous meetings to push this time frame. On June 1st the contractor did not resume work and the Civic immediately began to call our elected officials to get to the bottom of it. It was discovered that there was a contractual dispute over pricing on some of the change orders that were required and that until that was resolved the contractor would not resume the work. Thanks to a big push on the part of Dan Brown (Borough President Melinda Katz office), Senator Joe Addabbo and Assemblywoman Stacey Amato, all who called the Mayor’s office and the DDC commissioner, this issue has been resolved. We are now told that EIC associates will be back on West 13th Road working on the new road bed on June 26th. We will see.

Street Raising Phase 2 - Which refers to the proposal to raise streets West 14th through West 19th Roads will see two final design meetings. The first is to be held on Wednesday, June 27th at 6PM at the VFW for West 14th, 15th and 16th Roads. The second is to be held on Monday, July 9th at 6PM at the VFW for Roads West 17th, 18th and 19th. This meeting is not for everyone as most folks have had their one on one sit down with the design firm. It is for those, such as many in the Build-It-Back program, who never saw a conceptual design for their property. If you are noted as needing a meeting you will receive a notice from the NV 5 design firm and DDC. Once we have completed these final design meetings we will be looking for home owners to submit their consent forms. The Civic Association hopes that residents will support this effort to raise our streets to combat tidal flooding, recognizing that sea level rise (even on the low estimates) will only make this issue worse and this project will protect our streets and access to our homes for decades. In addition it will see; new road beds, new water lines, new sewer lines, new telephone poles, legalize parking on both sides of the streets (it is not so now) and finally install storm drains which we do not currently have. It is fully funded and designed and is an opportunity that will not come around again.

The center mall just outside of our town (through the strip) looks great and a big thank you to Councilman Ulrich for getting the weeds cut and the area cleaned and for his staffs support in getting the American Ball fields addressed with the fields totally ......

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