17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

September 2017
The flag will fly for
Frank Hurst,
US Navy, WWII.

October 2017
The flag will fly for
Warren J. Furrer,
US Army, Korea.

November 2017
The flag will fly for
John Trudden,
US Air Force, Korea.

December 2017
The flag will fly for
Thomas J. O'Brien,
US Navy, WWII.

January 2018
The flag will fly for
Patrick Brosnahan,
US Navy, WWII.

Feburary 2018
The flag will fly for Charles & Henry Hoffman, US Navy, WWII.

March 2018
The flag will fly for George Chamberlain, US Navy, Korea.

April 2018
The flag will fly for William "Bill" Morris, US Navy Medic, WWII.

May 2018
The flag will fly for Harry Sergerdell, US Coast Guard, WWII.

June 2018
The flag will fly for Edward J. Villani, US Army, WWII.

July 2018
The flag will fly for Lawrence Sweet, US Navy, WWII.

August 2018
The flag will fly for Thomas H. Horn, US Navy, WWII.

September 2018
The flag will fly for Vinnie O'Hare, US Army, WWII.

October 2018
The flag will fly for William A. Rielly, US Army, WWII.

November 2018
The flag will fly for Edward (Captain Ed) Smith, US Navy, WWII.

December 2018
The flag will fly for Thomas (Bucky) O'Brien, US Army, Vietnam.

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Welcome to the Broad Channel Civic Association website!

October's President's Message

The October Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, October 25th at 6:30PM at the VFW Hall. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN START TIME. Meeting will start at 6:30pm as opposed to our normal 7PM start. We are starting earlier to be able to accommodate the NV5 design team who plan to meet with the remaining residents from the Phase 2 street raising blocks.

This Civic meeting will cover basic Civic business, report from elected officials, Committee reports and then will move to the topic of street raising Phase 2. NYC DDC and the design firm NV5 will be on hand and will meet one-on-one with individuals from the blocks West 14th through West 19th who still had outstanding issues that had yet to be addressed in our previous meetings held over last summer.

Street Raising Phase 1 (West 11th through West 13th Roads) - We will have a DDC representative on hand to give an update on the restoration work timeframes for West 11th and West 12th Roads as well as an update on the restarting of the road work on West 13th Road. West 13th Road had been delayed at first for some water quality testing issues with the dewatering wells (told that is now resolved), and then due to the fact that the dewatering wells have clogged up (after not being used for a year). We are told that the new wells will be started on October 17th and that work will begin immediately after. A DDC rep will address this at the meeting in greater detail. Street Raising Phase 2 - As noted above, the Civic meeting will begin earlier and at 7:30PM we will break down into a one-on-one session for the remaining residents who need to talk to the design firm. This is basically two groups of people:

    1) Those who have never seen their proposed design impact to their property. There are not many people in this category due to the 6 meetings we held over the summer.

    2) Those who had major changes that had to be addressed by the design team. For example, if your stairs were modified by Build-It-Back and the design team noted that they had not addressed this issue and told you that they would.

This will be the final design one-on-one meeting and ......

Read More....