17th Road Recreation Park Flag:

January 2016
The flag will fly for Buddy Miccio, US Navy, WWII.

February 2016
The flag will fly for George Ogden, US Navy, WWII.

March 2016
The flag will fly for Russell Steiner, US Army, Vietnam.

April 2016
The flag will fly for Martin T. Feeney, US Coast Guard, WWII.

May 2016
The flag will fly for John Wagner, US Navy, WWII.

June 2016
The flag will fly for Donald Bruckner, US Air Force, Korea.

July 2016
The flag will fly for John Ahlemeyer, US Arny, Vietnam.

August 2016
The flag will fly for John F. McCambridge, US Army, WW2.

September 2016
The flag will fly for John (Jackie) Whalen, US Army, Korea.

October 2016
The flag will fly for Frank George, US Army, Air Force, WWII.

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Welcome to the Broad Channel Civic Association website!

September's President's Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, September 22nd at 7 pm at the VFW Hall. Come down and get caught up on what is going on in your neighborhood!

Hope everyone had a great summer. The weather certainly cooperated with one beautiful day after the next!

The Civic Association had no meetings in July and August but we have been very active nonetheless. We have been trying to ensure that the many problems that residents were having with the Build It Back program were identified and brought back to the program director in a constant effort to see the program adjust to the problems on the ground. Open Department of Buildings permits and violations have been one of the issues that have come up and we have asked the program to look for a way to move forward on those who have such outstanding issues to allow these homes to be elevated and get these families out of harm's way for future storms. The program has been working on these on a case by case basis and we will hope to get an update from them at the September 22nd Civic meeting. We have also hammered home the issue of the move out dates that our residents have been given and the concern we have that the program move quicker to start construction then we have seen to date, which in some cases has taken months to see progress.

The Civic has also been meeting with NYC DDC to finalize the plans for the next phase of street raising that would see West 14th to West 19th Roads potentially raised in the manner that West 11th thru West 13th Roads are now being raised. We are hoping to have a presentation at the October Civic meeting to start this discussion. The current work on West 11th thru West 13th Roads is proceeding ahead of schedule and should see West 11th and West 12th Roads completed by December and West 13th Road completed by June.

We have also been working to bring the NY Rising projects for Broad Channel to design completion and have made great progress in large part due to the involvement of our NY Rising committee. The projects include; BCAC-new storage building (above flood plain), American Legion retrofits to make the building water....

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